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Dr Amber Fensham-Smith

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Professional biography

Dr Amber Fensham-Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies. Previously, Amber held lectureships at the University of Bedfordshire (2016-2020) and contributed to teaching in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University (2013-2016).  She holds a BA in Sociology (first class) from the University of Durham, an MSc in Social Science Research Methods from the University of Bristol, and a PhD in Education from Cardiff University. Amber is a member of the national editorial board of the Educational Review. 

Research interests

Amber’s research interests and expertise lie in the field of alternative education and informal learning. She has convened the BERA Alternative Education SIG since 2017. Her ESRC funded doctorate explored the role of new technologies and learning communities and knowledge networks in UK home-education. This was a novel mixed method study that involved 242 families across England, Scotland, and Wales (available here).  Prior to the completion of her PhD, Amber was commissioned by the Welsh Government and the ESRC to conduct a mixed-method research project on engaging Gypsy and Traveller Families in education. Subsequent community projects have used participatory methodologies (e.g. Photovoice) as a means to co-produce and empower children and young people to enact educational change.

Graduate research supervision

Amber welcomes queries from potential doctoral students in the field of alternative education studies and community-based learning, including:  

  • Home education: self-managed, informal, and non-formal learning  
  • Democratic schooling, consent-based pedagogies, and children’s voice
  • Alternative provision settings, youth transitions and family engagement

Current Doctoral students

Lead supervisor to Robert Taylor (2021- present) - 'Home Education Transitions to Higher Education', EdD, Open University 

External supervisor to Lucie Wheeler (2023-) - 'Exploring the multi-faceted identify of the home educator: a case study approach, Anglia Ruskin University 

External supervisor to Anna Chinazzi (2023-) 'Home Education in Italy: Emic-etic perspectives on parental choice', University of Milano-Biocca, Italy 

Teaching interests

Amber begun teaching in Higher Education in 2013. Her commitment to teaching excellence, innovative assessment and substantial contributions to new course design and employability are recognised through Fellowship status of the Higher Education Authority.

Together with Professor Kieron Sheehy and a large team, she is chairing the production of the level 3 module E320: 'Contemporary Research with Children and Young People' to launch in 24J (remake of EK313) and is a module team member of: ‘An Introduction to Childhood and Youth Studies and Psychology’ (E104 – level 1 open access module). 

 Amber is passionate about extending opportunities for co-production and partnerships between students and staff. She is the student voice and wellbeing pathway lead for the childhood and youth studies programme and plays an active role in the School's student voice and wellbeing group.

Impact and engagement

Amber is committed to knowledge exchange activities that foster connections between independent researchers and practitioners working, within and outside, of the academy. She regularly authors blogs, hosts podcasts and chairs public facing research events.  In 2021, Amber was invited to give oral evidence to the Education Committee’s Home Education Inquiry. Her work and recommendations for involving children and young people in policymaking was reflected in the Education Committee’s Strengthening Home Education Report

  • Peer reviewer: British Educational Research Journal, Journal of Education Studies & Educational Review
  • 2018- BBC Look North News

External collaborations

Amber regularly collaborates with charities and researchers at The University of Exeter, University of Brighton, Liverpool Hope University, and the University of Bath.

Memberships & affliations: 

British Educational Research Association

International Centre for Home Education Research


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