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Mr Andy O'Cain

Profile summary

Professional biography

I've been working for the Open University since 2003. I'm currently a lecturer in politics, staff tutor and deputy chair of the new level 1 social science module 'D113 Global Challenges- social science in action' . As its name suggests, the module engages with three big global challenges - looking at how social science helps us understand and respond to the climate crisis, the legacies of colonialism and enslavement, and the challenges posed by digital technology. I  have also contributed a chapter on addressing global challenges.

On the level 3 Politics module 'DD316 Modern Political Ideas' I led a block on democracy and the state including a video on 'Democracy in Catalonia, Spain' with Georgina Blakeley.  On  ‘DD211- Understanding politics: ideas and institutions in the modern world’ I was responsible for the block ‘Political concepts’, co-authoring four chapters on freedom, equality, power and sovereignty and producing several audios and videos focusing on these themes.

Teaching interests

Teaching publications:

Andrews, G. Czajka, A. O’Cain, A. and Prokhovnik, R. (eds) (2015) Understanding Politics- Ideas and Institutions in the Modern World, Milton Keynes, The Open University

DD316 Module Team (eds) (2019) Modern Political Ideas, Milton Keynes, The Open University