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Views and Experiences of Sex, Sexuality and Relationships Following Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of the Qualitative Literature (2020-12)
Earle, Sarah; O'Dell, Lindsay; Davies, Alison and Rixon, Andrew
Sexuality and Disability, 38(4) (pp. 567-595)

New understandings of fathers’ experiences of grief and loss following stillbirth and neonatal death: a scoping review (2019-12)
Jones, Kerry; Robb, Martin; Murphy, Sam and Davies, Alison
Midwifery, 79, Article 102531

Adult women and ADHD: on the temporal dimensions of ADHD identities (2019-06-03)
Stenner, Paul; O'Dell, Lindsay and Davies, Alison
Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 49(2) (pp. 179-197)

Role of peer support for people with a spinal cord injury (2019-03-27)
O'Dell, Lindsay; Earle, Sarah; Rixon, Andrew and Davies, Alison
Nursing Standard, 34(4) (pp. 69-75)

The Discourse of ADHD: Perspectives on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (2018-05)
Horton-Salway, Mary and Davies, Alison
The Language of Mental Health
ISBN : 978-3-319-76026-1 | Publisher : Palgrave/Macmillan

The Construction of Adult ADHD: Anna’s Story (2016)
Davies, Alison and Horton-Salway, Mary
In: O'Reilly, Michelle and Lester, Jessica Nina eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Adult Mental Health (pp. 117-133)
ISBN : 978-1-137-49685-0 | Publisher : Palgrave/Macmillan

Moral Evaluations in Repertoires of ADHD (2015)
Horton-Salway, Mary and Davies, Alison
In: O'Reilly, Michelle and Lester, Jessica Nina eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Child Mental Health (pp. 158-174)
ISBN : 978-1-137-42831-8 | Publisher : Palgrave/Macmillan