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Dr Alessandra Campoli

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the Open University as a Lecturer in Design in 2021.

Previously, I was a lecturer in Art and Design at the University of the Highlands and Islands. I also worked as an Academic Development Lead for the Interactive Design Institute (Edinburgh) and as a Researcher for the EV-K2-CNR Committee (Italy/Nepal).


Research interests

Visual Cultures, Art and Design History, Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Mythologies, Geography, Creative Research Methods, Visual Storytelling, Social and Climate Justice, Sustainability and Creative Practices, Regenerative Cultures, Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

Current Research Projects

2022-present FabLab Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities of the First Emergency-Driven FabLab in the Global South. The project is born as a seed project aimed at identifying challenges and opportunities of a recently created FabLab in one of the most underdeveloped countries in the Global South.  Key aims are:

  • Analyse to what extent community access to digital manufacturing facilities and training and improvement of technological and creative skills generate community resilience in a developing country. 

  • Analyse the perceived relationship between Digital Crafts – promoted by Nepal FabLab – and traditional crafts in Nepal.

  • Identify areas for future collaboration.

2020-present Persephone has crossed the border: Myth, Migration and the Sense of Belonging.  A creative project focused on investigating how ancient myths, collective memory and art practice can give us an alternative lexicon to discuss border crossing, migration, societal challenges and the idea of ‘home’. 


Past Research Projects

2019-2021 Breathe. A Creative Investigation into Carbon Sinks in the Age of Climate Changes.  The project aims at exploring the importance of the peatland in the North of Scotland as a carbon sink. It combines creative and visual research with multidisciplinary scholarly enquiry. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Environmental Research Institute (Thurso).

2012-2014 Edges. A creative project investigating liminal spaces and the impact of traditional lore and legends on the perception of contemporary urban spaces. Partnerships include Creative Scotland, COFA (College of Fine Arts) Sydney, Silpakorn University Bangkok.

2008-2012 Haunted Tropicality: Gothic Motifs and Melancholic Imagery toward an Aesthetics of Darkness. The project was funded by the University of the West of Scotland and carried out in partnership with Silpakorn University (Bangkok).

2005-2008 Creative Practices and New Aesthetics in South Asia. The project aimed at investigating the social impact of creative projects in South Asia, with a focus on the Himalayan Regions. The project was funded by the Ev-K2 Committee (Bergamo, Italy), the Italian National Council of Scientific Research (CNR) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.






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The Dark Side of the Land of Smile: Gothic Myths and Haunted Geography in Thailand (2011)
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