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Professor Anne Adams

Profile summary

Professional biography


An infamous past acting in theatre and film led to years of work experience in Market Research. My reputation as a researcher was then saved by a degree in Psychology with IT. It was here that I realised computers can do quite useful things as long as they were designed for mere mortals to use them. I continued with this notion by studying an MSc in HCI (human computer interaction) at the UCL interaction center [formerly known as the ergonomics group]. I furthered my knowledge with a PhD at UCL, CS & psychology department looking at security, privacy and multimedia communicaitons. After a research fellow posts & consultancy work at Middlesex University & UCL my quest to make computers work through 'elearning' took me into an academic position at Nottingham Univesity.  I now continue my 'elearning' research in IET at the Open University.


Dr. Adams is the IET Associate Director for Academic Professional Development.  This work builds on her strategic coordination of practitioner inquiry and action research support within the OU OpenCETLS, as well as developing a mentoring programme for the CETL Fellows.  Dr Adams is also the research lead for innovating pedagogy and a senior lecturer in IET. 

More recent research activities include Associate Director for knowledge exchange and technology pathways in 'The National Centre for Policing Research and Professional Development'.  This project began work in September 2015 and is funded by a grant from the Home Office and the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and managed by the College of Policing.  It is coordinated and works closely with the OU policing consoritum with 12 policing forces / bodies, overseen by a Steering Group chaired by Dr Steven Chase, Director of People at Thames Valley Police, and Professor Jean Hartley as the Academic Director.  Dr Adams also leads a research project working with highskillz (a serious gaming company)within the national centre on 'interview simulation for interviewing children'

Dr Adams is Principle Investigator on policing CPD and eLearning development work has now been funded with CEPOL (the European Policing College) to develop requirements and a procurement process for their eNet systems. 

Dr Adams is also Principle Investigator (with Oxford University Education Dept) on the ESRC Impact Accelerator Award developing teacher training and CPD open educational resources around 'tricky topics' a practice based application of threshold concepts. 

Dr. Adams also engages in scholarship activities and has completed two scholarship projects:

GET-IT Project: Participatory Video techniques have been used to support AL staff development across the faculties of business, Education, Healthcare and educational technology.  The results from this project identify that not only are these methods useful at an immediate tool but as an ongoing resource for workshop reflections.  The videos have currently been used by OUBS Course Teams to support international collaboration and understanding aroudn practice based learning.

Mobile Clinical Learnig Project:  Working with UCL CHIME and Turkish Teaching Hospital mobile devices are currently being distributed to clincians to support them in their work-based learning activities.  A comparative mixed method evaluation of these mobile support mechanisms will support an international viewpoint on the use of mobile learning in a global arena.

Dr. Adams has also been commissioned by the NHS to complete consultancy work on digital libraries and information provision in safety critical contexts.


Research interests

I have a wide range of research interests varying from the social impacts of technology & digital libraries to security and HCI, CSCW and Qualitative methods in HCI.

Practice based technology enhanced learning
From school teachers using technology to support their practices to police officers and academics changing practices around engaging stakeholders and communities in their research.  Central to this is what we are expecting others to learn, our relationship to policy makers and the public and in partiuclar the concept of expertise in relation to our identities as academics and practitioners. My research has sought to identify relationships between social structures and technological developments to aid user-centred technology introduction and development. Understanding the forces for, barriers against, and effects of change, as information systems such as digital libraries are introduced in clinical settings.  This approach incorporates the effect of social structures on technology design and implementation to the impacts technology have on society.  For example the role of technology in learning for prisoners, of teachers,  police officers, or healthcare practioners.  My initial research into this field reviewed the organisational and social impacts of authentication mechanisms, specifically passwords.

Research Methods
My interests in qualitative and quantitative methods for HCI have resulted in various seminars and lectures at various institutions (e.g. UCL, OU, Nottingham University, NHS, Eindhoven University) for undergraduate, graduates and academics in Grounded Theory, focus groups, in-depth interviews, Questionnaire design and application, mixed method and experimental design, video analysis techniques and impact methods, such as digital engagement.Further research has delved into the field of privacy specifically users’ perceptions of privacy within multimedia communications.

Teaching interests


Dr Adams has supported the development of and chaired the Masters Module H818: The Networked Practitioner.  She is also a member of the module team for the post-graduate certificate BYP834:  Evidence-Based Professional Learning.  Dr Adams has also provided materials for OU modules in social work, software requirements and Networked living. 

Prior to the OU Dr Adams developed and supported ecommerce and computing distance learnign modules at Middlesex and Bath. Face to face teaching was designed and delivered by Dr Adams at Nottingham, UCL and Nottingham specifically in the area of Human Computer Interaction as well as Mobile and Ubiquitous computing. 

Supervised 7 PhD / EdD  students:  Popi  Anastasiou (digital storytelling), Lesley Boyd (organisational learning), Adrian Walsh (trust and elearning) Pauline Ngwima (digital libraries in African HE), Anne Pike (offender learning and rehabilitation) Kurt Anderson (Grounded theory), Thiemo Romey (GIS in Teaching and Learning).

Impact and engagement

  • Co-developing with HighSkillz the 'tricky topic tool'
  • Established links with National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement

  • Vice Chair of Governers for Radcliffe School

  • Established links with SetPoint and United Learning advancing STEM awarness, understanding and engagement throughout UK schools

  • Established industrial engagement with Microsoft, Google, HM Government, Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Society of Horticulture and various SMEs including Catchermedia.

  • Experienced in participatory design and engagment methods thorughout the research and design process.

External collaborations

National :

UCL Senate House, Lancashire Police, Birmingham University, Oxford Internet Institute, UCL interaction centre, HEA masterclass, Nottingham University, Royal Society of Surgeons, Glasgow University, Oxford Brookes University, Bath University, Sussex University, Cambridge university, British Telecome Martlesham, National Data protection Commissioner, Wilmslow

Invited Keynote for the HM Government Instinct (INnovation Science and Technology IN Counter Terrorism) TD3 showcase led by Logica


 Invited Keynote for the BCS London Hopper Colloquium (at BCS head office, London)


UCL, London Keynote public lecture on security and biometrics, live broadcast feed to BT

Invited Keynote for the NHS symposium ‘Health and Social Care Exchange’

Invited Keynote for the London Libraries Information Development Unit Annual symposium.  NHS, Dept of Health, Archway, London.



Advisory Board Member:

H2020 ManuSkills (

H2020 WatchMe (

International Invited talks & Keynotes:

July 2009

IEEE ‘Policy ‘09’ Conference [Invited keynote] at Imperial College, London.  Invited to start the conference off.

April 2005

GOOGLE Palo Alto, invited external speaker series

February  2005

Royal Society of Medicine [Invited keynote] at the  joint US & UK conference with other invited speakers being (Presidents of the General Medical Council, US Medical Library Association and CILIP) London

March 2005

Microsoft, Cambridge as part of their international external speaker series

April 2004

Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, USA. as part of their international external speaker series

Sept 2002

Eindhoven University, Netherlands, as part of their international external speaker series


Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG)GroupInstitute of Educational Technology
CRC: Human Centred ComputingCentreFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


Externally funded projects

RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Jan 201631 Dec 2018EC (European Commission): FP (inc. Horizon Europe, H2020, ERC)

This international, nine partner EU funded project will explore the potential of community built (“DIY”) computer networks to develop neighbourhood cohesion, knowledge sharing, and sustainable living in urban environments. The project will develop a software and hardware toolkit for community activists and test this in four pilots across Europe, based on pairings of academic and local community partners, and developing local services alongside community representatives. The Open University will play a leading role in a UK based case study working alongside a London based community computing organisation, and provide expertise around community informatics. The project has a multidisciplinary aspect bringing together researchers and practitioners from from the fields of computer networking, human-computer interaction, urban design, architecture and community informatics.

Open World Learning
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Oct 201528 Feb 2022LEVERHULME The Leverhulme Trust

The OU has been awarded a major grant from The Leverhulme Trust to enable 18 new PhD scholarships to drive forward knowledge of Open World Learning. The focus will be on how to increase access to education for all across the globe using new technologies and innovative approaches. The Leverhulme Trust has awarded a grant of £1,050,000 to The OU's Institute of Educational Technology (IET) and Faculty of Education and Language Studies (FELS) to fund 15 full-time, three-year doctoral scholarships over the next five years. In addition to this, the OU will fund a further three scholars from low and middle-income economies, taking the total number of places up to 18. Managed by the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET), the purpose of these scholarships is to explore the factors that support or impede inclusive approaches to learning, for example around the use of new communication methods such as social networking and devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Learning science and computing through juxtaposition performance in video making (H-11-023-AA)
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01 Oct 201230 Sep 2015EC (European Commission): FP (inc. Horizon Europe, H2020, ERC)

School and University students studying science and technology often encounter barriers to their understanding of complex concepts. However, unlike in the arts, students are frequently poorly motivated to overcome these barriers. Focusing on ‘performance’ JuxtaLearn will provoke student curiosity in science and technology through creative film making and editing activities. Computational identification of students’ barriers to conceptual understanding will be overcome by scaffolded creative application of concepts in activities juxtaposed to traditional understanding. State of the art technologies will support students transferable reflections focusing on two pedagogical approaches: juxtaposition performance and reflective performance. Juxtaposition performance: JuxtaLearn ICMAs (Interactive Computer Marked Assessments) will support students’ identification of threshold concepts that are their own personal barriers to understanding. Students’ understanding will be enhanced by them creating personal performances through application of a theory in a formal activity and then again in a creative juxtaposed activity (e.g. physics used in music DJ-ing, chemistry occurring in kitchens, possible evolution of an alien race). New media and learning analytics of public video resources will facilitate student creative inspiration and further conceptual insight and understanding. Reflective performance: State of the art systems for automated and personalised film making and editing will support curiosity and creative expression. A deeper understanding will be reinforced through scaffolding reflections on essential elements in applying the theory. Students will, for example, be supported in instigating reflective decisions on what to film, how to film it and what and where to edit. Public displays will enable sharing and commenting of these performances thus encouraging public curiosity and a ‘buzz’ around specific complex concepts.

An open research university: How to embed public engagement within the culture of research (RS-11-005-TB)
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Apr 201231 Mar 2015RCUK Research Councils UK

The aim of this proposal is to embed public engagement with research within The Open University’s (OU) strategic planning for research and the operational practices of researchers at all levels; to become an open research university.

Social inclusion through synchronous distributed team collaboration. (H-09-023-AA)
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01 Mar 201031 Dec 2011EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Mobile technologies bring the digital and the physical worlds together by providing just-in-time/contextual information related to what people are observing, visiting or walking past. However, people with mobility disabilities or socio-economic limitations are often prevented from experiencing these new forms of user experience. We are proposing an alternative approach through developing hybrid ‘social inclusion’ solutions that aim to support collaboration between teams moving around ‘in the field’ and those ‘in the home’. This proposal will develop new ways of connecting existing mobile and shared table-top technologies to support synchronous distributed team collaboration that enables innovative forms of vicarious experiences. An educational prototype system for investigating aspects of the environment will be built to demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach for supporting distributed team collaboration. With this project we seek to build systems with middlewear that will link information resource systems and co-located table-top collaboration applications at the home-base with and mobile data collection and communication devices. This will require seamless translation of mobile data collection (i.e. audio, video, geological readings) into table-top displays e.g. mash-ups between geological readings in the wild linked to mappings on table-tops. Partner companies will support the development of viable propositions. The software company, specialising in mobile learning applications, OOKL, will support the synchronous collaboration between mobile and home-based applications. SMART, who specialise in tabletop solutions for educational applications, are in the business of developing ‘ecology of technologies’ through the seamless interaction between devices and displays i.e middleware for table-tops.


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