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Professor Andrew Millie

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the Open University in 2024, having previously been Professor of Criminology at Edge Hill University. Before that I worked at various institutions including the University of Glasgow, Loughborough University and King's College London. I graduated from Swansea in 1991.

I'm Editor of the Bristol University Press book series New Horizons in Criminology and I'm on the executive of the British Society of Criminology - currently Chair of their Regional Groups and Specialist Networks Committee. I'm on the Editorial Board of the journal Crime Prevention and Community Safetty, and I've previously been on the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Criminology. I have also been an Editor for the journal Urban Studies.

Research interests

My research is interdisciplinary and pushes criminological boundaries by drawing on philosophy and theology to critically question western penal orthodoxy and the history of criminological thought. My work looks at alternative meanings of core criminological concepts of justice, punishment, and criminalisation. I also publish on ‘aesthetic criminology’ and have an international reputation for critical research on policing - including being part of a recently completed project on Visible Policing (ESRC Grant Reference: ES/R011885/1). Recent books include:

Millie, A. (ed.) (2021) Criminology and Public Theology: On Mercy, Hope and Restoration, Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Millie, A. (2016) Philosophical Criminology, Bristol: Policy Press. 


The Lord’s Prayer, forgiveness, and criminal (in)justice (2023-11)
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Guerrilla gardening as normalised law-breaking: Challenges to land ownership and aesthetic order (2023-06)
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Police station meaning, closure and (in)visibility (2023)
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Police recruits, moral judgements and an empathetic policing (2023)
Millie, Andrew and Hirschler, Steven
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Street Skateboarding and the Aesthetic Order of Public Spaces (2022-11-01)
Dickinson, Sharon; Millie, Andrew and Peters, Eleanor
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Maintaining police-citizen relations on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic (2022-06)
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The case for a narrower focus to policing (2014)
Millie, Andrew
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Police Stations, Architecture and Public Reassurance (2012-11)
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Value judgments and criminalization (2011-03)
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Anti-social behaviour, behavioural expectations and an urban aesthetic (2008-05)
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Borderline sentencing: A comparison of sentencers' decision making in England and Wales, and Scotland (2007-08)
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Applying Reassurance Policing: Is it “Business as Usual”? (2006-06)
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Bridging the Gap: Understanding Reassurance Policing (2005-02)
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Exploring safety concerns in the night-time city: revitalising the evening economy (2000-01)
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Philosophical Criminology (2016)
Millie, Andrew
New Horizons in Criminology
ISBN : 9781447323709, 9781447323730 | Publisher : Policy Press | Published : Bristol, UK

Anti-social Behaviour (2009)
Millie, Andrew
ISBN : 9780335229161 | Publisher : Open University Press | Published : Maidenhead, UK

Assessing the impact of the Reducing Burglary Initiative in southern England and Wales (2004)
Millie, Andrew and Hough, Mike
Home Office Online Report
ISBN : 1 84473 329 7 | Publisher : The Home Office | Published : London, UK

The Decision to Imprison: Sentencing and the Prison Population (2003)
Hough, Mike; Jacobson, Jessica and Millie, Andrew
ISBN : 0 94620 966 9 | Publisher : Prison Reform Trust | Published : London, UK

Researching Visible Policing (2024-01-01)
Ralph, Liam; Rowe, Michael; Millie, Andrew and Jones, Matthew
In: Martin, Denise and Tong, Stephen eds. Introduction to Policing Research: Taking Lessons from Practice, Second Edition (pp. 273-286)
ISBN : 9781003276456 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon, UK

The Abstract Police and Occupational Culture (2022-02)
Rowe, Michael; Ralph, Liam; Millie, Andrew and Jones, Matthew
In: Terpstra, Jan; Salet, Renze and Fyfe, Nicholas R eds. The Abstract Police: Critical Reflections on Contemporary Change in Police Organisations (pp. 15-34)
ISBN : 9789462362642 | Publisher : Eleven International Publishing | Published : The Hague

Introduction: Public Criminology Meets Public Theology (2021)
Millie, Andrew
In: Millie, Andrew ed. Criminology and Public Theology: On Hope, Mercy and Restoration (pp. 1-18)
ISBN : 9781529207392 | Publisher : Bristol University Press | Published : Bristol, UK

Criminology and Public Theology: On Hope, Mercy and Restoration (2020-11)
Millie, Andrew
Millie, Andrew ed.
ISBN : 978-1529207392 | Publisher : Bristol University Press | Published : Bristol, UK

The Special Constabulary: Historical Context, International Comparisons and Contemporary Themes (2017-07)
Millie, Andrew
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Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice
ISBN : 9781138217256 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon, Oxon

Securing respect: Behavioural expectations and anti-social behaviour in the UK (2009-04)
Millie, Andrew
Millie, Andrew ed.
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Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement and Policing (2008)
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Turning away from retribution: How criminology might find inspiration in Christian theology (2020)
Millie, Andrew
Transforming Society, Bristol University Press