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Researcher provides evidence in call for boost to life-enhancing technologies

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An OU researcher has provided evidence in a report published today (28 April) on the need for more life-enhancing technologies for disabled and older people.

Dr Hannah R. Marston, Research Fellow in the OU’s Health and Wellbeing Strategic Research Area, a pan-university initiative, provided a best practice case study based on the ‘Adjust Tech, Accessible Technology’ project, in addition to case studies on age-friendly technologies for the The Smarter Homes for Independent Living: Putting People in Control of Their Lives report published by Policy Connect, a cross-party think tank.

The report outlines tangible actions that government and industry can take to support independent living to improve the quality of life of disabled and older people and their families, while also reducing financial pressures on the NHS and the social care system.

Dr Hannah Marston

Its key recommendation is for the government to create an Independent Living Technology Grant to boost access to life-enhancing technologies.

Dr Marston, who is part of the The Smart Homes and Independent Living Commission, said:

“My research findings show that older adults and disabled people continue to be affected and marginalised due to lack of access to the digital world and innovative frameworks within the domain of Age-friendly Cities and Communities can inspire and assist researchers, policy makers and industry to strive to be more “age-friendly.”

Read the full report: Smarter Homes for Independent Living

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