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OU research informs digitalisation of energy sector

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OU researchers have received £621,000 for their role in the digitalisation of training materials for the energy sector.

The OU’s role in the Every1 project (Enable eVeryone's Engagement in the eneRgY transition), funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe Programme, is led by Professor Denise Whitelock, Director of the OU’s Institute of Educational Technology.

The Every1 consortium brings together leading experts in energy, education, energy ecosystems and the social sciences to enable all European stakeholders to participate effectively in the digital energy market.

The project, which runs until April 2026, starts from a deeply data-informed understanding of stakeholders and ecosystems (citizen, cities, energy communities, companies, regulators, and distribution grid operators) in the digital energy market. Energy products and services will be assessed and validated, together with user case studies, in order to ensure stakeholders become better informed and can realise their full potential in this marketplace.

The provision of training is a key focus of this project, and the OU will draw on its track record in creating Open Educational Resources and in reviewing best practice related to digitalization and energy flexibility.

Professor Whitelock said: “Work package 3 that the OU’s Institute of Educational Technology is leading on in Every1 project has laid an important foundation to enabling the aims of the project of helping all European stakeholders to participate effectively in the digital energy transition.

“We have made good progress with analysing 4,000 survey responses from four countries on European citizens’ knowledge gaps and training needs vis a vis energy digitalisation and played a leading role in bringing all project partners together in developing a shared cataloguing platform of energy digitalisation related training materials. We are looking forward to the next steps, and particularly, to setting up the work we are leading on in the next academic year around developing 12 OpenLearn courses on the topics of the project, together with seven other partner organisations within the project and with energy stakeholders.”

Other project partners are:

  • Flux50 (Coordinator)
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • EWorx
  • INESC TEC - Tecnologia e ciencia Laboratorio Associado
  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
  • International Cleantech Network
  • Joanneum Research
  • RdA Climate Solutions
  • Steinbeis
  • Th!nk E

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