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Ms Linda Robson

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am the Lead Staff tutor for the School of Engineering and Innovation, overseeing the managment role of 18 Staff Tutors.
My own Associate Lecturer management portfolio covers undergraduate modules T198 Engineering at Work, T212 Electronics, and postgraduate modules T848 Managing Technological Innovation, T849 Strategic Capabilities, T867 Managing for Sustainability, T868 Environmental monitoring and T891 Making environmental decisions.  

Much of my time is spent on academic development, particularly providing development opportunities for Associate Lecturers both within STEM and more generic pedagogy for Associate Lecturers across the university.  


Research interests

I am currently working towards a Doctorate in Education, looking at the experiences of students who take study breaks. 

I my previous research has focused on three key themes: online staff development, supporting students with disabilities and communications with students.

Teaching interests

I am currently co-chair of T198: Engineering at Work, and YXM130 Making your Learning Count.
I have been module chair of T227: Change, strategy and projects at Work. Previously I have been on the production teams for T219: Environmental Management, TU100: My Digital Life, T180: Living with the Net, T209 Information and communication Technologies.

Drawing on my experience as a endurance athlete (7 Ironman triathlons, over 60 marathons, represented Great Britain at duathlon and triathlon) I have also taught on E112: Introduction to Sport, fitness and management and authored part of the access module Y064: Exploring Sport Online.


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Robson, Linda
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Robson, Linda
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Robson, Linda
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Awan, Rehana and Robson, Linda
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We want to be educated, but we have a life (2023)
Robson, Linda
Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, The Open University

Doctoral Journey Poems (2022-05-22)
Robson, Linda
The Open University

Reliability of memory (2022)
Robson, Linda
Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, The Open University