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Miss Yuko Suzuki

Yuko Suzuki

Profile summary

Professional biography

Yuko Suzuki is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Educactional Technology. Being a TV producer/director by trade over the last decade or so, she is passionate about making science more comprehensible with cutting-edge visual media technology.

Originally from Japan, Yuko studied Philosophy and History of Science at Kyoto University (BA) and Imperial College London (MSc), where her main interests lay in the early concepts of quantum mechanics and molecular biology developed by physicists such as Niels Bohr and Erwin Schrodinger. 


Research interests

As a member of Performance Augmentation Lab, she is currently working on the research to investigate how Mixed Reality (MR) on Spatial Computer could make multi-dimensional high-volume data analysis more efficient in specialist scientific fields using Microsoft HoloLens2. 

Her evaluation method involves biometric-based approaches such as Eye-tracking attempting to get closer to more unbiased assessment of cognitive processes with more emphasis on fixation-based metrics. In the framework of cognitive load theory (CLT) and cognitive theory of multi-media learning (CTML), she is in search of more efficient and effective way of using MR that supports scientific advancement of today. 


Measuring cognitive load in augmented reality with physiological methods: A systematic review (2023-10-09)
Suzuki, Yuko; Wild, Fridolin and Scanlon, Eileen
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning ([Early Access])