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Mr Roland Fletcher

Roland Fletcher Senior Lecturer in Law

Profile summary

Professional biography

Whilst working at the Open University I have been involved in the design, production and delivery of the new LLB undergraduate degree. Between September 2013 and July 2014 I designed and produced the 60 credit online module: An Introduction to the law (W101). During production of this module I oversaw the production and editing of the 18 units (chapters) for this stage of the LLB. The module is delivered through a blend of learning and is also available purely online. The module went live (presentation stage) from Oct 2014.

In September 2014 I began designing the 60 credit module: Contract and Tort. This module is part of the second year of the online LLB. I completed the design and online framework for this module, along with production in February 2016. The module went live from Oct 2015 and is available through blended learning and purely online. 

As production chair for these modules I was responsible for overseeing the authoring of each chapter and liaising with various departments at the Open University.  This has allowed me to gain experience in multi-media delivery of online modules, whilst working with the sound and vision department, the Learning and Teaching Solution unit and working with the Qualification Managers who have supported me in my role.  

From October 2015 I have been the presentation chair for W202 Contract and Tort Law.  The successful delivery of this module is evident from the way the students have performed on the module.

My interests have included the design of legal education and how learning takes place in the work-place.  I have had the opportunity to design and deliver a number of postgraduate awards whilst dealing with specific sectors within the UK.  For example, I acted as the Project Manager for the LLM in Intellectual Property Law at the UK Intellectual Property Office based in Newport, 2002-2008.  I designed and obtained validation for this award in 2002 and managed the development of this project until June 2008.  This role involved carrying out a feasibility study and producing a business plan each academic year. I was also asked to develop an LLM in Employment Law and Practice for Capita Learning and Development in central London.  I acted as the project manager and award leader for this LLM in Employment Law and Practice from June 2008-2012.  I designed this specific award for Capita, Learning and Development in London which focussed on individuals who worked in Human Resource Management and needed to develop the knowledge and skills dealing with employment law in a domestic and international perspective. 

In previous posts I have experience of designing and delivering educational provision at postgraduate level.  In particular I designed and delivered the following modules at postgraduate level

•        Commercial Law and Practice Module (delivered on the awards below)

•        International Trade and transportation Module (delivered on the LLM)

•        Contractual Obligations on the Graduate Diploma in Law

•       MSc Finance and Law

•       LLM in International Trade

•       MSc Procurement in Commercial Law & Practice

•       M.Sc. International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

•       M.Sc. International Transport & Logistics 

I have successfully supervised a number of Postgraduate Dissertations whilst working at other Higher Education Institutions.  I was one of the key members of staff who undertook supervision for the student dissertations on the LLM award.


•        Masters in Commercial Law

•        European Computer Driving Licence

•        Recruitment & Selection Programme

•        Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Studies (as part of the doctorate in education)

•        Health and Safety for Senior Managers

•        E-moderator

•        The eight taught modules on the Doctorate of Education

•        Tutor Moderators Module V3 with the Open University

As part of the Professional Doctorate in Educaiton I undertook training and completed the following modules: 

  1. Qualitative Research Methods

  2. Research Design

  3. Quantitative Research Methods

  4. Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

  5. Public Sector Management

  6. Promoting Equality, Managing Diversity

  7. Leadership and Policy in Education

  8. The Future of Work

Research interests

Papers delivered

Continual Professional Development Session at North Wales on behalf of the confederation of Wales Law Society 2001

Continual Professional Development Session at North Wales on behalf of the confederation of Wales Law Society 2002

Continual Professional Development Session at the University of Glamorgan on behalf of the confederation of Wales Law Society 2002

Society of Lawyers and Scholars, at Sheffield University, September 2004: Mistaken Identity

ILEC Fordham University, New York (July 2016) - Legal Education and qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales.

Association of Law Teachers Conference at Portsmouth University, April 2017: The Solicitor Apprenticeship.

ILEC Melbourne Law School, Australia (December 2018) - The Solicitor Apprenticeship and a Work-Based Curriculum.

Association of Law Teachers' Annual Conference 2019 at De Montfort University, Leicester: The evolution of the apprenticeship model in the UK through work-integrated higher education and employer-led standards.

Current Research

•        Consumer Credit Cards and joint liability in a Global context

•        Mistaken Identity and void/voidable contracts

•        Exclusion clauses

•        Insurance and regulation

•        Succession and Testate: en ventre sa mere (posthumous conception)

•        Education and the legal profession

•        Competition law and vertical restraints

•        Patent Law, Medicine and developing countries.

Teaching interests

Whilst working for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer and Central Academic (Senior Lecturer) I have delivered on the following modules:


W822 Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility.  This module is one of the option modules on the OU’s LLM and their MBA.  The module involves social and legal issues in a global context.  It is an interdisciplinary module which deals with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the application of human rights principles in an international commercial environment.  This module allows the student to develop a strong understanding of stakeholder theory and the relationship between business and human rights.  The depth of this module deals with the development of international initiatives and the enforceability of human rights. 

I acted as a consultant on the W800 The Law Dissertation module.  This provided me with an opportunity to work with my colleagues at the Open University and be part of the design and production of this module.  I undertook the writing for a number of units (chapters) on this module and delivered the first presentation of this module in 2013-14.

Experience in Undergraduate Education

W222 Commercial transactions: law and practice.  This module deals with commercial transactions in the UK, such as contract law, Sale of Goods legislation and remedies; competition law (distributionship), agency, passage of title, security and credit and banking. 

W223 Company law and practice.  This module deals with the nature of a company as a legal entity and the legal rules which govern corporations.  The module deals with the management of a company and how decisions are made by directors and shareholders.  Financial governance of a company, specifically corporate borrowing is dealt with and listed companies. 

Whilst working at Higher Education Institutions I had the opportunity to design and deliver modules at undergraduate level on the following areas: 

LLB - Elements of Commercial Law (years 2/3 Module Leader)

LLB - Testate and Intestate Succession ( Year 3 Module Leader)

LLB - Consumer Law

LLB - Contract Law

LLB - Legal Skills

LLB - Tort

Whilst acting as a consultant within the Higher Education sector I delivered a number of modules which formed part of the Certificate and Diploma stage of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Award.  I delivered the following modules:

Managing contracts and relationships in procurement and supply.  This module is delivered at certificate level. 

Legal aspects in procurement and supply (UK) at professional diploma level. 

The Managing Contracts and Relationships In Procurement and Supply module includes aspect of law but also covers the following areas: Commercial Relationships, Planning the Relationship Portfolio, The Competitive Environment, Value Adding Supply Chain Relationships, Assessing Contractual Risks, Contract Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Supplier Performance Management. 

Both of these modules have allowed me to develop my research within a social legal and economic context whilst dealing with procurement within various organisations within the UK.

Impact and engagement


Continual Professional Development - Law Society, Continual Professional Development, 2001

SPTL Annual Conference, University College London, 2000

SPTL Annual Conference, University of Glasgow, 2001

SPTL Annual Conference, University of Oxford 2003

External collaborations


2001           Aircargo Wales, Rhoose, Report on Commercial Lease.

2001            Patents Office, Newport, devised and implemented a Masters in  Intellectual Property Law

2008            Capita Learning and Development, 17-19 Rochester Row, London, SW1P1LA.  Developed and obtained validation for the LLM in Employment  Law and Practice.

2011          Member of the Wales Commercial Law Association (M & A Solicitors LLP,                    Cardiff)

Whilst working in the Higher Education Sector I have had responsibility for arranging placements for Erasmus students.  This involved arranging for their placements within the UK and selecting modules that would link with their existing modules in their home country.


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